Aisha (Montréal, 1992) ; (, )

If you don't recognise Aisha (1992, Montréal) from her name, maybe her face rings a bell. If not, wait to hear her endearing accent or one of her sets. You got it. She's the one who was behind the deck for our 1 year anniversary party - better known as Gayance.

She's heavily involved in the music scene from Canada to Belgium, whilst embracing her power as a Black woman, working hard to empower others on the fight against injustice and misogynoir.

She came to us looking for glasses that would match her flamboyant personality, "but, y'know, also glasses to help me check out cute dudes from a distance without having to squint". Better be warned.


Model Concorde
Period 1990s
Manufacturer Bourgeois
Digging Type kinda door-to-door
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