Alessandro (Verona, 1993) ; (, )

Two more eyes! This is Alessandro. He wears the Bugatti mod.495 in silver manufactured by ODO (early 2000s – Morbier, FR).

We had a chat with the Verona-born, Brussels-based architect. He co-founded Every Island, a design collective which has built up a portfolio of intriguing installations, interventions, and residencies around Belgium since its inception in 2021.

Alessandro doesn’t consider himself a collector, at least not a thematic one. Instead he focuses on gathering objects and materials that are weird and ambiguous, with the aim of making some sense or connection between them.

Pictured here is one of the projects he’s most proud of, an installation/performance titled Welcome: (a) ceremony, which took place at StamEuropa, an abandoned office building in the EU quarter.


Model mod. 495
Period early 2000s
Manufacturer ODO
Digging Type N/A
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