Alice and Alexis

Alice (Nîmes, 1992) ; Alexis (Versailles, 1992)

Alice is getting her PhD in computer music (sick). She wears a FOCA (Domegge di Cadore, IT) from their early days, model unknown, color demi-blond. The fabricca was established in 1958.

On collecting:

“Not a collector, I usually stop before it becomes a collection. My grandfather was a compulsive collector, and he left us enough collections of all kinds to last several generations.” Fair enough!


Alexis is a chef and runs the restaurant Les Bain Des Dames. Pictured here with the “WK mod.56” from Germany in the eighties, factory and complete brand’s name remain unknown.

His mother says he’s like a character from an 80s TV show… so looks like he chose the right pair!

Recommendation: Café Le Bonheur next to tram stop Berkendael


Model N/A / mod. 56
Period Early 1960s / 1980s
Manufacturer Foca (Italian Cadore) / WK (Germany)
Digging Type on-spot
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