Alice (Brussels, 1995) ; (, )

We're putting the spotlight here on our neighbor, Café Boudin. Founder and owner Alice is wearing the FOCA PP15.

When she's not at the café whipping up oat lattes and vegan banh mì, she's into crocheting, fermenting all sorts of foods, and collecting coffee bean packaging from around the world.

Café Boudin specializes in ethically sourced specialty coffee and homemade vegan treats. We were delighted when they opened just a few doors away on Rue Ravenstein because we don't have so many healthy options available nearby. We've consumed kilos of cookies and liters of kombucha from them ever since.

Alice's take on a perfect Brussels afternoon:

"Café Boudin and Bidules are located a few meters away, so I think a perfect afternoon would consist of: having a delicious coffee at Boudin, trying on new glasses at Bidules, and going to see an exhibition at Bozar. We have a nice 'B' thing going on over here!"


Model PP15
Period 1980s
Manufacturer FOCA
Digging Type on site
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