Amélie and Valentin

Amélie (La Roche sur Yon, 1992) ; Valentin (Evreux, 1992)

Meet Valentin and Amélie, respectively born and raised in Vendée and Normandy. They both turned up at the shop and I remember we talked about comics, had a good laugh; Valentin was sporting orange glasses from his teenage years because his former frames had just given up the ghost, while Amélie still holds the record for the smallest pupil distance ever measured at the shop. You don’t care ? Fair enough.

If you stumble upon these two, whether for the release of their fanzine Vague Pression (novels, comics, drawing) in spring or in a bookshop around Flagey, ask Valentin how he lost his last pair of glasses. All he could tell us was that it involved a nocturnal paranormal event...


Model Rex / Concord
Period circa 1950s / late 1980s
Manufacturer N/A / Bourgeois
Digging Type kinda door-to-door
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