Benedicte (Rossem, 1990) ; (, )

After graduating from art school, Benedicte (1990, Rossem) upped sticks to London, carving out her career in fashion publishing. She loves Brussels for its international vibe and the anonymity it brings, and she's now Head of Design at IndianDribble , a creative branding and marketing agency.

Since her whole family inherited pretty 'shitty eyesight' (her words not ours) they're all blessed with multiple pairs of Bidules. The first time she met us she liked our 'no-bullshit attitude' (her words not ours) so much that she left with two pairs. Oh, and she's since picked up another.

We don't love hearing how your last frames met their fateful end, though hers is quite a story - she got caught up in a busy street during a riot in town, and the glasses in her pocket were lost forever. Ouch. It's stories like these that make us realise that we really should've collected up all of the crazy tales we've heard over the years for a cartoon by now.

On this one Benedicte is wearing her FIDELA Laser (1990s, FR)


Model Laser
Period 1990s
Manufacturer Fidela
Digging Type kinda door-to-door
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