Celine and Paul

Celine (Brussels, 1990) ; Paul (1961, Ternat)

At Bidules, it's hard to beat the feeling when our clients bring their dad/mom/sister/coworker/kid/friend/etc. to the shop. For this edition of the EYES series, say hallokes to this father-daughter duo: Celine (Brussels, 1990) and Paul (Ternat, 1961) from Asse, Belgium.

We spent such a nice moment in the store with them, and thought they made two excellent selections. Celine is wearing the 1960s MMLO model manufactured by the Morezienne de Lunetterie et d'Optique in Jura, France. Paul is wearing 1980s gold-filled Desil Pilots manufactured in Domegge, Italy.

When she's not working in production for Bruzz, Celine makes cool fuzzy punch-needled carpets on the side. When Paul's not busy as an architect, he told us that his favorite side project is his kids :')


Model Passy / Pilot
Period 1950s / 1980s
Manufacturer MMLO / Desil
Digging Type trough a fixer / at a distributor
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