David (San Antonio, TX, 1988) ; (, )

David (1988, San Antonio, TX), is an artist based in Brussels and Amsterdam. From saunas inside a Fiat Multipla, to air filtering NASA plants, his installations combine performance, sculpture and writing, telling stories through objects.

He spent a lot of time talking with us at the shop, he was curious, we were curious, you know how it goes. With that hat, we knew we needed to find him something a little bit different, and a little bit sassy - like these transparent pink acetate pantos from the 1950s (Jura, FR).

Later, he told us he'd made a sculpture to hold his glasses whilst he sleeps. We've never seen it, but we love his fanaticism for small objects, of course


Model Unnamed Pantos
Period c.a 1950
Manufacturer Unknown
Digging Type Kinda door-to-door
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