Emmanuel (Mexico City, 1988) ; (, )

Masked, we advance.

Mexico-born, Belgium-based Emmanuel is an artist, tailor, and sculptor who fashions intricate masks that question the spectacle of perfection and how we perform the social norms imposed on us.

Glasses can be seen as a sort of mask. Sometimes, people might want to 'hide' behind their glasses. But with the right pair and right fit, glasses can also connect us to something authentic within. We think this pair (Jacques Fath, Oyonnax - 1970s) has managed to do that.

We found 5 pairs, but they've all been claimed by beautiful new faces. By the way, these are the thickest acetate frames we've ever seen: 15mm on top!


Model N/A
Period 1970s
Manufacturer N/A
Digging Type trough a fixer
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