Fanny (Uccle, 1990) ; (, )

Co-owner of Chez Richard on Place du Sablon, Fanny (1990, Uccle) discovered Bidules through a foodie friend (Chez Franz we see you!).

She’s worn glasses since she was ten, and finds it amazing that friends she sees everyday often don’t recognise her without her frames on! Funnily enough, she loves it when people say they prefer her with glasses. So do we, so do we.

When she’s not at the restaurant, during the warn days, you’ll find Fanny taking a nap or having a picnic in Tenbosh Park in the sun. If you see her around, remind her to take good care of her bicolor 1990s L'Amy (Morez) and that we can't wait to hit the terrasse again.


Model Lizon
Period 1980s
Manufacturer Bourgeois
Digging Type Kinda door-to-door
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