Filomena and Salomé

Filomena (Santa Maria de Lamas, 1957) ; Salomé (Borgerhout, 1994)

Finding the best possible frames for Filomena - here sitting by Salomé’s side, her G-daughter aka Blu Samu - was one of the highlights of 2018. A mom's hug to remember and the kind of encounters that make us wake up every morning.

Of course, we’ve seen Salomé at the shop a thousand of times since that day, as she seems as addicted to glasses than she is to hypnotizing rhymes.
Salomé, say hi to your mom for us and keep taking good care of her!


Model Ninon
Period early 1970s
Manufacturer L’Amy (Morez, FR)
Digging Type closed-down optician (2018)
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