Giacomo and Yuva

Giacomo (Brussels, 1993) ; Yuva (Unknown, 2017)

Yuva and Giacomo are all about getting people together by creating interactions around livestreams, rendez-vous, parties, art, exhibitions and more. Wait, did I just pitch his project Plein Sud? Whatever, that’s how we saw this tall Brusseleir when he passed by the shop last summer.

When he’s not busy dedicating his everything to Brussels’ nightlife culture, Giacomo is spending so much time at the shop we may have to blacklist him. First, because he loves glasses at least as much as we do, and second, because he has the worrying penchant to sit on them.


Model RF41
Period early 1990s
Manufacturer Paragraphe (Oyonnax, FR)
Digging Type on site, operating factory (2014)
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