Jordan (Paris, 1995) ; (, )

No, these frames aren’t just for Jordan’s look - he’s been wearing glasses since he was seven. It may have taken him a while to embrace his style as a teenager and find the right frames, especially when it came to the opposite sex, but he soon found his flex.
A trainee tattooist studying graphic design, he launched his TRYBAL tattoo project earlier this year, practically overnight. He creates hand-poked or machine tattoos - take a look at his recent Ghibli anime flash.
When he swings by the store his style is edgy yet clean, he likes to push the boundaries of the vintage pieces he wears in a way that deflects from their main purpose. A few of his friends recommended Bidules thanks to its DNA.
On this shot by Victor Pattyn Jordan wears his Welt Pantos, made by Castellani (Dommege di Cadore, circa 1980).


Model Welt
Period 1970s
Manufacturer Castellani
Digging Type on-spot
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