Josse (Leuven, 1994) ; (, )

Software Developer Josse (1994, Leuven) has a passion for fashion - and living in Brussels, he swears by the ‘hipster holy trinity’ - Cinematek for movies, the Brasserie Verschueren
for drinks and of course, the flea market at Jeu de Balles. It’s a goldmine. You’ll find him obsessively on the lookout for garments of the past - from wide 70s graphic ties, to even wider flared trousers and kitschy cufflinks. He’s taking a sewing course, hoping to do more tailoring, and is super proud of the outrageously wide, seventies-inspired ‘Northern Soul’ trousers he made.

Having always been a little embarrassed of his glasses when he was younger, he now sees his OWP as a major privilege to have an extra accessory. Though it’s not always so convenient - once, his glasses fell off in the middle of a crowded dance floor, and facing the choice of either spending the rest of the night as a blind man or grabbing them back from the floor as fast as he possibly could - which is quite a challenge when deprived of your eyesight - Josse chose of course the latter.


Model 7233
Period 1980s
Manufacturer OWP
Digging Type N/A
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