Jules (Burgundy, 1989) ; (, )

Chef, winemaker and anti-sulphite dealer, Jules (1989, Burgundy) is sustainable af. He’s currently studying self-sufficiency in farming and winemaking, and last time we met he could'nt help speaking about his friends at Usages Vtmnts, creating unisex local ethic handcrafted clothes.

He’s been wearing glasses since he was a kid, but his last frames met a grisly end. On a three-day hike, he crouched down to admire a flower and had so much suncream on that his glasses slid off his nose, and he ended up crushing them with his giant walking boots. There were still two days left of the hike, so he had no chance of enjoying the views...

Jules is always on the lookout for cool humans and (food-related) deep conversations, so we’re sure you’d get on just fine. 


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