Kaat (Leuven, 1993) ; (, )

This summer, she came to us ready to ditch her contact lenses for good in favor of the right pair of frames. Now she wears the transparent mod. Annecy by Grasset, from Oyonnax circa 1990 – so light, almost seamless. 

She works as an architect and likes to collect books, her favorite subject being the charming and wacky city of Brussels itself. 

So, what's her local Brussels tip? The massive, romantic-yet-fear-inducing works in the Wiertz Museum. We did some research into Wiertz after our conversation with Kaat. Wikipedia states: "Some of his works are erotic and macabre and presage Belgian Symbolism..." and "At his request, his remains were embalmed in accordance with Ancient Egyptian burial rites..." Sounds like another Belgian character for the books... 


Model Annecy
Period 1990s
Manufacturer GRASSET
Digging Type On site
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