Laura (Braine l'Alleud, 1989) ; (, )

Laura has worn glasses since she was a teenager, though she once lost her glasses on a trip and ended up not wearing any for the last five years. These Aeroline were a gift from her boyfriend - they popped into Bidules after lunch with friends - 'lucky they were there - it would have taken me 5 days to choose'. Given the result and the chat we had, we are the ones feeling lucky. You might find Laura sipping a craft beer at Dekkara or on a stroll at the Wiels marsh.

Laura divides her time between audio-visual projects and awareness campaigns for social and environmental issues. The day after the first lockdown in 2020, the member of the 254forest creative collective also created "Isola", a project that takes you on a journey into invisible worlds. We warmly recommend to check out the second and latest episode called SOMOS. A beautiful visual podcast created in collaboration with Transkids and Lydie Nesvadba that gives voice to 13 trans, non-binary, or gender creative youngsters aged nine to twenty-seven who are deconstructing standards and affirming their identities.


Model 444
Period 1990s
Manufacturer Aeroline
Digging Type through a fixer
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