Laurie (Brussels, 1987) ; (, )

Self-confessed bookworm Laurie, is addicted to books - whether they’re old or new, you’ll find them everywhere in her home; in bed, in the bathroom, even in the kitchen. A visual and textual storyteller, she writes and paints striking images on large canvases. She discovered Bidules on the way to "La Loge" for an exhibition. Luckily, they took a long detour to appreciate a rare spot of good weather and found us as well. Finally, we can thank the Belgian weather for something. If her 1960s MMLO look a little familiar to you, it might be because they’re almost the same pair as the perfumer of "Le Chardon Bleu" in Agnes Varda's film "Le Daguerréotypes"! We think they suit her even better. She’s happiest spending time on her balcony in the evening but you might also find her chasing the best chicken in town at Maison Liénard on Rue Washington. 


Model MMLO
Period 1960s
Manufacturer Mécanique Morézienne de Lunetterie et d'Optique
Digging Type trough a fixer
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