Louise and Corentin

Louise (Marche-en-Famenne, 1988) ; Corentin (Liège, 1986)

Picture this: Corentin had missed the target as he tried to nonchalantly throw his glasses on the bed, while Louise's glasses could no longer withstand the temperatures of the ovens of the restaurant where she reigns supreme. On their way to a Parquet Courts gig at the Botanique last summer, they stopped by the store. We almost had to throw them out, the concert had been sold out for a while, and the riffs of the 4 New Yorkers are definitely our thing.

After swallowing the pill, we sat down at the table: on the menu, two discreet pairs packed with character nonetheless, made more than 30 years apart in the same Jura valley. No hard feelings.


Model Lesca / N/A
Period 1990s / 1950s
Manufacturer N/A / N/A
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