Louise (Blois, 1984) ; (, )

Louise (Blois, 1984) is a huge collector. Or maybe we should say hoarder. It’s probably in her blood - since she took over her father’s (still growing) matchbox collection when she was just a kid. Over the years, she’s built up collections of phone cards, plastic bags, toothbrushes, key rings, keys, glasses, cat's whiskers, frozen insects, stone rocks, shells...

Well, we can’t judge her for collecting glasses now, can we? Back when we were hiding in our Anderlecht lab she was super curious about Bidules so she came by to find out more about our trips and glasses. We’re sure we owe her a lot for spreading the word with our good old stickers.

Louise's worn glasses since the age of 8 - think François Derome's slightly oval glasses, with green and purple spots, it was the 90s!- and remembers being super proud to show her (albeit, uninterested) friends.

Her frames are now as much a part of her as anything - when she first started dating her boyfriend and thought she’d try contacts, he didn’t even recognise her, and suddenly backed away when she tried to kiss him, thinking he was facing a very enterprising stranger!

On a sunny day, you’ll find her in the lush and quiet medicinal plant garden of the Maison d'Erasme, or in Parc de la Pede, Nerpeede Valley, where she spent her lockdown. Dreamy.


Model Selecta
Period Sextette
Manufacturer E.Koch
Digging Type Through a fixer
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