Markus (Eupen, 1964) ; (, )

Well, when you buy the ENTIRE dead-stock from a closed down factory, inevitably, you discover many of the same frames, but also some rarer pieces. Amongst the estimated 6,000 frames we brought back from Dommege that day, there only happened to be a handful of these bi-color FOCA 8091 from the early days of production circa 1960s. We couldn’t let them go to just anyone. They had to be the perfect fit. And that’s where Oxfam fundraiser Markus comes into this. Living in Brussels, he’s not much of a collector, but he loves second-hand things. He’s worn glasses since he was fourteen, but his daughter-in-law -who once remarked he looked ‘cool’ in Ray Bans- thought he should check out Bidules for his next pair. We think FOCAs fit him much better. You’ll find Markus at Caberdouche, Place de la Liberté, with a craft beer, or more than likely, just chilling in his garden in Saint-Josse.


Model 8091
Period 1960s
Manufacturer FOCA
Digging Type on site
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