Mickey (Nice (FR), 1987) ; (, )

For those that don't know him yet, Mickey is the co-founder and head of programming at Kiosk Radio in Parc Royal, just up the road from Bidules. Kiosk and Bidules opened basically at the same time (a time when opening up a shop/kiosk in this part of 1000 Brussels was not the most obvious choice) and we have to say it was reassuring – and still feels great – to have them nearby. Many of our visitors and friends overlap! You can regularly find us there having a beer or tea after we close up shop.

As with many clients, he entered the store eager to find a pair of glasses to wear occasionally, and after the eye exam realized he should be wearing them all the time. He opted for something discrete, so much so that his oldest friends thought he'd been wearing glasses for years.

When he's not in the park managing the beloved sauna-radio, you can find him enjoying an ingenious cocktail at Modern Alchemist, or hunting down records and comics in the dusty corners of the city.


Model N/A
Period 1990s
Manufacturer Bugatti
Digging Type Through a fixer
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