Nathalie (Geel, 1988) ; (, )

Nathalie is a journalist from Geel, Belgium. We asked if there's anything she likes to collect, and we found the response very original. Here's Nathalie, on her collection of gift wrapping paper:

"Collecting gift wrapping paper is an old habit that I picked up from my godmother who's austerity is probably emblematic for Belgium's pre-WWII generation. To the great annoyance of whoever offers me a present, every gift I get is unwrapped very slowly and precisely, saving the wrapping paper that I will delicately flatten and fold before looking at the gift. Beautiful paper will get reassigned to a special drawer for a new occasion. Everything collides in this small gesture: I love receiving gifts as much as I love carefully wrapping and giving them, keeping and one day maybe reusing wrapping paper passes on that joy."


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Period 1970s
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