Noa (Mulhouse, 1994) ; (, )

Barista and dance lover, Noa learnt how to make great coffee whilst travelling. She spent a year in New Zealand, where she met a wonderful bunch of people - artists, musicians, and dancers. Now based in Brussels, she often rides her bike past the store, and loves the concept of salvaging frames and wearing well-designed glasses with a story to tell, like these mod.217 from Castellani, 1990s. She’s a collector like us, and likes nothing better than sifting through flea markets or shops to see what she can find. 

In normal times, you’re sure to spot her drinking cocktails at "Lib cocktail bar" in Brussels, she's in awe of the passion they have for flavors and fine-tuning. 


Model 217
Period 1990s
Manufacturer Castellani
Digging Type on-spot
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