Nora (Strasbourg, 1992) ; (, )

You’ll have to forgive Nora (1992, Strasbourg) for her hatred of glasses as a teen. Well, to be fair, they didn’t quite work with her ‘look’ of greasy hair and braces, and were a little too encouraged by her parents to ever be cool... She came to us seeking a pair of frames a little less like her father’s, and luckily, these days she doesn’t have to ditch them around the corner from her parent’s house anymore. Now she wears her own oval Fidela frames (Morez, late 90s)A fashion design student at La Cambre, she uses style to challenge the contradictions of her personality, balancing religion, female liberation and her Kurdish heritage. As an artist, she embraces the community, and loves to see her friends live out their passions to the full, so she’s given a few to follow : Lucie Vanesse, who opened Madeleine Couture her sewing school in Forest whilst studying her Masters in Art ; Juliette Fuhs architect and scenographer at the environmentally responsible at Atelier Craft in Paris, a creative practice that revolves around art, architecture and design ; Anna Diallo in Berlin who released her first EP Femme Alpha under her artist name Seleminga. Then make sur to check out Hug The Rug, Nora’s 2020 collection.


Model Oval
Period 1990s
Manufacturer Fidela
Digging Type Kinda door-to-door
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