Quentin (Cherbourg, 1994) ; (, )

Quentin’s eyes met our NOMAD in the store’s window, and since that fateful moment, we could’ve introduced him to a thousand frames, he wouldn’t have changed his mind.

Love at first sight, they said.

But it was a risky attraction, as this particular NOMAD (early 2000s, Morez) custom isn’t for every face. Luckily for him, it perfectly matched his haircut. Even when he bleached his hair orange.

We swapped them for - 109€ and - his Sint-Gillis top 3 spots :
- Parlor Coffee - 'The best coffee shop, best baristas, best milk foam in town'
- Belladona Bar 'The sexiest place I know.'
- 'Walking Rue Vanderschrick at the end of a summer’s day'


Period early 2000s
Manufacturer N/A
Digging Type through a fixer
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