Sophie (Tournai, 1960) ; (, )

Sophie dropped by the store after spotting us on her way to get tattooed (s/o STIB), and we’re so glad she did - the sixties curves of these acetate Lafont Symphonie (Morez, 1990s) are the perfect fit to her joyful smile.

Always one to be a little different - she loves to collect vintage or exotic fabrics, and remembers her mother telling her that people in the past were wearing the same old things as we do now...

A lover of Ixelles, you’ll find her picking up some good advice along with her cheese at Declerc Delicatesse, or strolling down Chaussée d'Ixelles on their way to/from O'Roots, best syrian food in town!


Model Symphonie
Period 1990s
Manufacturer Lafont
Digging Type door-to-door
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