Vincent and Florian

Vincent (Pontarlier, 1989) ; Florian (Pontarlier, 1992)

How romantic is it to play video games all night long on a comfy couch with your brother, huh? Ok, enough for the cheesy part.⁣⁣

We already knew Vincent as a friend of our former optician, who naturally sent him to the store. While we cooked up this guy with our questions, trying to figure out what kind of frames would suit him best, he gave us a good reason to see him again: Vincent works as an assistant chef at Oldboy. Chances are you already saw him sweating his ass off in the open-kitchen of this South Asian street food Eldorado.⁣

Some family dinners later, he finally convinced his younger brother Florian to come by and take what appeared to be a needed eye-test. For his very first pair of glasses, the 3D designer went for this gold Fidela 739 (Morez, FR - 1990s), different in shape from the KINTO 2004 (Saintes, BE - 2000s) his brother wears, but going together as their grey hoodies do.


Model Fidela 739 / KINTO 2004
Period 1990s / 2000s
Manufacturer L’Amy (Morez, FR) / Netoptic S.A (Lot, BE)
Digging Type N/A / on site
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