Zoe and Naser

Zoe (Lier, 1995) ; Naser (Iran, 1994)

Zoe and Naser, are both collectors in their own way. Self-confessed hoarder Zoe used to love going to summer flea markets with her mum when she was young, and since she now works as a set decorator and prop buyer, she can get paid for her finds.

Naser adds some minimalism to their partnership. He likes living with as little as possible, but as a photographer he loves to pick up various different cameras to experiment with. For Zoe’s latest project,  where she curates and sells ‘wonky’ second-hand clothing, his clean photography helps soften the chaos.

You’ll find them in Parc Josaphat, for its magical trees and perfectly constructed romanticism...


Model Securista ASS. / Saphira 4302
Period 1970s
Manufacturer n/a / Optyl
Digging Type on site (distributor) / closed-down optician
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