Manufacturer ODO
Made in France
Period pré-2005
Brand Bugatti
Technical Titanium, flexible hinges


Location Haut-Jura
Year 2018
Digging Type Through a local fixer

When we discovered that some titanium Bugatti frames (manufactured by the renowned ODA S.A) were put up for sale after a bankruptcy we did all we could to get our hands on them. We usually wouldn't chase after specific brands, but we just couldn't pretend these weren't worth the trip.

From their weldings to their hinges, every detail of these frames remind us of luxury watchmaking. And it's no surprise, since the ODO production was made up of around 20% optics and 80% watchmaking from 1992.

Now, whether you appreciate their very precise lines, that's up to you.

Archive : a view from the factory built in 1950 for the clock-maker ODO S.A (Paul Odobey)

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