4004 C.4


Manufacturer OD-Galvanik
Made in Germany
Period early 2000s
Brand OD-Galvanik
Technical Rimeless


Location N/A
Year 2019
Digging Type Through a local fixer

The newer the frames, the more you have to be careful with quality. That’s even more true when it comes to rimless frames, as the lenses are directly mounted to the bridge and temples, so you face double the risks, twice the number of screws, and much more complex constructions. 2018 saw us desperately looking for that stock of minimalistic but solid, rimless frames. So when we got back to the store with a bunch of late 1990s drilled frames, it was only because we already knew they could withstand experimentation. In our workshop a few weeks later, they led to a lighter series, mixing shapes and sizes from different eras. The frame you see here takes its lines from a Fidela Trix. You may think its very 2000s, but these shapes are almost 50 years old. Available in different shapes, sizes and colours, as prescriptions or sunglasses.

Archive: as we aren’t even sure we can trust the ‘Made in Germany’ that's written on the temples (potentially with Italian ink), we won’t make any further comment.

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