Manufacturer N/A
Made in France
Period 1970s
Brand Selecta
Technical 8mm acetate, handpolished edges, 4-barrels hinges


Location Bavaria (Germany)
Year 2019
Digging Type Through a local fixer

And now for a classic. The Chairman. It's not hard to imagine these frames coming from the workshop of a Berliner immigrant in NYC. With their 8mm thick acetate and 4 barrel hinges, they wouldn't look out of place on a downtown jazz pianist. And even 50 years later, we can't get over the quality - with their hand polishing, clean hand-printed card mounts and sewn cotton pouches. Selecta had a long love-story with the Jura, hand-manufacturing their acetate frames in Oyonnax, what some like to think of as the french Plastic-Valley. But they're not all plastic fantastic - we also have some of their gold and palladium filled frames which were produced by Desil in Italy.

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