Manufacturer Unknown
Made in West-Germany
Period 1970s
Brand DR7 (Dreack)
Technical Metal and acetate combination


Location Hainaut (Belgique)
Year 2019
Digging Type Closed-down optician

Sorry, there's no famous Portuguese footballer hidden behind the DR7 acronym but rather Draeck, a giant in the Belgian eyewear industry.

At the turn of the Twentieth century, the company imported glasses and optical equipment from the USA and distributed it in Europe. Sadly, Draeck is better known for their financial and legal troubles instead of the glasses they made in Italy and France during the glorious 30s, but that's all we care about.

Archive: ad taken from the phone book published in 1970 by SILOC (Société Industrielle de Lunetterie et d'Optique rationnelle).

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