Manufacturer Les Fils d'Aimé Lamy
Made in France
Period 1970s
Brand Fidelaski
Technical N/A


Location Haut-Jura (France)
Year 2019
Digging Type Through a local fixer

This model is called Fidelaski. We're not sure if these frames have been designed for skiing, however it's possible considering that the Les Rousses ski resort overlooks Morez, the capital of French eyewear manufacturing. At Bidules, we have a lot of affection for these original cat-eyes, they are often more subtle than the street-wear versions of the last ten years. We like their riveted hinges, their thickness and of course, as with all the frames of the period, the hand polishing. We also like the yellow-green anti-fog lenses. Archive: Jobez hotel, acquired in 1849 by Pierre-Hyacinthe Lamy, founder of Lamy et Lacroix, the first company to industrialize the manufacture of glasses in Morez. Dissolved in 1881, it was replaced by the smaller business Les Fils d'Aimé Lamy, which sold handcrafted glasses made by other manufacturers. At the end of World War II, they started producing themselves under the Fidela brand. Fidela stands for Fils d'Aimé Lamy.

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