Unnamed 2


Manufacturer Unknown
Made in France
Period circa 1950s
Brand Unknown
Technical Acetate, OM15 G15 green lenses by C.Zeiss


Location Morez (France)
Year 2019
Digging Type Kinda door-to-door

If their generic name wasn't bugging you enough already, we don't have much more for you either. Sorry!

All we know is that we discovered a dozen of them, wrapped in newspaper and hidden in an old biscuit tin. Ok, ok, it may sound like a contrived fairy tale, but we swear it's true.

Oh, hang on, we do know one thing. Thanks to their shape, hinges, and the hand polishing that left some of their sharp edges intact, we can infer that they were produced in the 1940s-1950s. Neat, huh?

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