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Frequently Asked Questions

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I can’t choose which frames will look good on me, what can I do?


If you can’t decide on which frame or size of sunglasses that would be the perfect one for you, you can contact us at info@bidulescompany.com and our experts will skype you / ask you for selfies to help you find your match! 


Do you offer glasses with a blue light filter?


We are currently developing a collection of glasses with a blue light filter in collaboration with the Japanese lenses manufacturer Tokaï, so stay tuned and be one of the first ones to get your hands on the new beauties by subscribing to our newsletter.


How good is the protection of your lenses?


When it comes to sun safety many of us know which hats, clothes and sunscreen offer good protection. But when it comes to our eyes, many of us aren't so sure of what we need to look out for.


All of our sun lenses come from Carl ZEISS Vision, which is the leading provider in Europe in terms of quality since the late 19th century.


We use two different kinds of lense materials depending on the glasses we’re working on. Either CR39 or Polycarbonate, that have different advantages but both have optimal protective and optical qualities.  


In terms of protections (UVA/UVB), You will find an indication of the level of protection on each product’s page.  There are 5 categories:


0 - Lenses are either clear or slightly tinted, used for safety glasses

1 - Lenses for casual use, used as a comfort filter in cosmetic and fashion eyewear

2 - The most common category for sunglasses, good protection from light and UV - rays

3 - Extra protection from visible - and UV light. They block 80% of light. 

4 - High level of protection from visible and UV light. Too dark to be worn while driving, since they allow only 10% of light through the lens. Not for everyday sunglasses. 


Want to learn more about ZEISS lenses ? Check their website here 



What materials are used in your glasses?


What is great with sunglasses from past decades, is that they were designed and made with no compromises. Kind of like old film cameras that are basically eternal!

The used materials vary with old glasses, from acetate to cellulose or aluminium, but the one thing that doesn’t change is their quality!



How secure is my personal information?


We never give up our customers information to third parties. Only the person handling your order will see your personal informations ! 

For more information about our Privacy Policy click here


What payment methods do you accept?


We accept all of the common payment methods; most credit cards and Paypal. You can also pay by invoice, in which case we will ship your product as soon as the payment reaches us. This means a delay of a couple of days for your delivery.


Is it safe to pay via bidules.be?


Paying through our website is completely safe. You can pay by debit and credit card or via PayPal 


Stripe lets customers pay with their debit and credit card without creating or logging into an account. Stripe accepts payments from these cards:

  • Visa (credit and debit cards)
  • MasterCard (credit and debit cards)
  • American Express


Both PayPal and Stripe are well-known and respected internationally for their trustworthiness and security. You can learn more about their own Security policies here : 


- Security at Stripe

- PayPal safety and security


What countries do you ship to?


We ship worldwide. Check below for more informations about shipping costs ! 


How much does international shipping cost?


We always offer free shipping and returns for orders to Europe but we ship worldwide. 

Find more information about our Shipping & Return Policies


How will my order be shipped?


We ship all orders through Belgian National Post Service. And we can assure you that you can count on them more than the local forecast in Brussels..

Every order has a tracking number which lets you follow your Bidules order across oceans until your front door.  


How long will my order take to arrive?


Depending on the country of destination, the order can take from 2 to 15 days. Do you want more details ? Shoot us a message with your exact address at hi@bidules.be


What if I receive an incorrect item?


If the item you received does not correspond to your order, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can organise an exchange and you will get the correct frames quickly. 

But what if you fell in love with them ? Keep them... and contact us asap ! 


Will my sunglasses come with a case or accessories?


Our sunglasses always come with a numbered certificate of authenticity, a cleaning microfiber cloth

and a case to keep your glasses safe.


How should I care for my sunglasses?


Always make sure that there is no dirt or sand before cleaning your sunglasses with the microfiber that comes with every order (or at least a clean 100% cotton t-shirt).

Coming back from an adventure in the outdoors ? Start by cleaning them with lukewarm water ! 


Can I exchange my sunglasses?


You can exchange your glasses within 30 days from receiving them.  

For more details see our General Conditions of Sales 


How long is the warranty for the sunglasses purchased in the e-store?


The warranty is 2 years if a defect is detected when, or in a reasonable period of time after, the sale is made, then buyers can demand a full refund.


My sunglasses are broken, what can I do?


Old glasses, like old cars, sometimes need to be fixed. Lost a screw ? Need some adjustments ? 

Visit us on Wednesdays during our weekly OPEN LAB WEDNESDAYS if you live in the Brussels area. If not, go to your local opticians to get your cuties maintained.

In case of serious damage you can always describe your problem with good quality pictures of your glasses at hi@bidulescompany.com

Be sure we’ll do our best to find a solution !