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Store closed, 15% off gift cards now available
Store closed, 15% off gift cards now available

EDIT : THE STORE IS NOW OPEN – We know this situation is not easy for anyone, so gift cards remain available and we’ll also be offering a 15% discount on the whole store (including lenses) until June 30. And if that’s not legal, it should be.

Dear customers, friends and community,

Due to the current situation related to COVID-19, we are of course closing our doors. The store’s shutter will therefore come down for an indefinite period. This isn’t only because our government said so. This felt to us like the right thing to do, and necessary, if we wanted to protect our community and team. We simply couldn’t do our job correctly if we couldn’t see you face to face, chat with you, test your eyes, and put the right pair of frames in your hands. We also needed to be sure that we aren’t risking the health of any of our team members whilst they work in our shop.

Behind this shutter, and of course whilst respecting the need for social distancing, we’ll be preparing for the next few months. Locked up in our basement, our stock is craving to break free. We have hundreds of frames waiting below us, ready to be restored and for you to cherish them again. So while you might not see us, we’ll be busy getting ready for the sun to return, and with it so shall we.

The sad truth is that, like the majority of (small) businesses, we still have fixed costs and expenses to deal with. Even with the store closed and our activities suspended. It surely won’t be an easy time, not for anyone. This epidemic puts us at risk, but it will never be an excuse or a good reason to shift the problem onto our team and freelancers. The people we work with don’t deserve to suffer from this crisis.

But the good news is, summer isn’t locked down, the future isn’t locked down and hopefully kindness isn’t locked down either. So if you were thinking you needed a new pair of sunnies, some glasses to block out blue light from your computer, or even just wanted to treat a loved one to some new frames, the time is now. We’ve just created Bidules gift vouchers, for later use, and if we’re being honest, to help us keep our head above water.

Our gift cards will be available from now until we open again – with no expiration date – and will allow you to jump on the frames we’re working on as we speak, with a 15% reduction.

So, how will it all work? 

Basically, your gift voucher’s amount will give you an extra 15% to spend in store. In other words, if you multiply your gift voucher’s value by 1.15, that’ll be the amount you’ll be able to spend in store. So, if you buy a €100 gift card, this will mean that you can spend €115 when we reopen. Sorry for the maths, but it’s the simplest solution we’ve found.

At last but not least, we also wanted you to know that while physically closed, we are still available by phone or email for any emergencies. Just dial +32 497 60 64 84 or press sent towards

We know that by staying indoors, everyone can help flatten the curve of the contagion. But by also supporting your favorite local stores, restaurants, cultural venues and artists, we can also all help to soften the financial breakdown, and flatten that curve too.

Stay local,
Stay safe,
See you soon

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