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Why we join forces with the Citizen’s Platform for Refugee Support
Why we join forces with the Citizen’s Platform for Refugee Support

As far as we are concerned, no one should get cold or stay with visual impairment.

Since we opened the store, we almost naturally teamed up with the non-profit organization La Plateforme Citoyenne de Support aux Réfugiés. Founded in 2014, this Belgian platform aims to build concrete solidarity with all migrants. They denounce and fight against the current state of Belgian and European migration policies, because the right to live in dignity belongs to everyone.

With their advices and support, we have implemented two actions in order to contribute to this essential struggle for human solidarity.


Vision is a major contributor to quality of life, at every stage of life, and for everyone. But it still remains a significant global health concern, especially among refugees. Due to the rapid loss of healthcare infrastructure in the country where they’ve arrived, they are at increased risk for worsening eye care. Without vision rehabilitation and other supports and services, people with vision impairment are even more disadvantaged than their peers.

Of course, there is no actual figures about the visual needs of life in refugee groups, but we know they are the only people on Belgian territory who are not supported by any structure, private or public, regarding optometry and ophthalmology. As a result, near-blind people or the ones suffering from heavy sight problems or diseases, like glaucoma, have no one to turn to. 

It makes sense that players (small or big) should help to tackle this issue, so we decided to give a hand by offering free glasses repairs, free eye tests and when possible free glasses or corrective lenses to the people selected by the Platform as priority. In this crappy political climate of nationalism, we made the decision to systematize theses actions and turn them into a permanent service. This is why since the beginning of 2019, 1% of our turnover is used to support it.

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15% OFF, 0% COLD

Our second action is more punctual and usually takes place throughout the month of January. The goal is to highlight an urgent cause and warm up our most disadvantaged neighbors. 

How does it work?

Instead of offering end of year sales (you know the rules), we offer a direct  reduction of 15% or a gift card of 25€ to anyone who brings us warm clothes and winter accessories at the store (sleeping bags, sports clothes, pants, sweater, jackets, sneakers, hats etc.) 

All that to say you’ve got until January 31 to make some room in your closet and bring your bags full of warm clothes and accessories at the store. Good news is that we already collected more clothes than last year.

No one should get cold. 15% off, 0% cold, that sums it up. Thanks !

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