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spoiler alert – don’t expect juicy discounts

More than never, we want to fight against the terrible decline in glasses’ life expectancy around the world.

So, over the next two weeks, we’ll be celebrating customers who have taken great care of their Bidules and helping the other lost souls.
Every customer that shows up at the store with glasses that are at least two years old (glasses must be complete – two arms, two lenses, a front) before December 1st will receive a ‘Survival Kit’ from us, to maintain them for an even longer life, including: a soft pouch or a hardcase, a 2-in-1 mini screw-driver, a Camille Potte limited edition cloth and a forever refillable lens cleaner:

🧰 = + 🔧 + 🧼 +🧴

A picture from the special edition cloth Bidules x Camille Potte.

We’ve also worked with the her on a comic strip and some golden rules gathering essential dos and don’ts, to help you on your way… Start by meeting with Marjolyn and her pair of glasses. Hahaha!

A comic about 'Marjolyn and her glasses" by french illustrator Camille Potte in collaboration with Bidules

And you’ll also find a more serious part of the Do’s and Don’ts here below. Yes, basically a list of care and maintenance golden rules:

  • Avoid exposing your glasses to very high temperatures (> 80°c) or any thermic shocks (a terrace in the middle of August, blowing in embers for long periods of time, washing glasses in boiling water)
  • Never clean your glasses with a cloth without first fogging up the lens a little with your mouth.
  • On that note, you’re not a chemist. So no washing-up liquid, hair conditioner, hand soap, magic miracle cure. With glasses cleaner, think mild, neutral, vegan.
  • If you have a stain on your lens, don’t keep rubbing it – try to dissolve it (as above) or pop in to see us.
  • Glasses might not work for every situation. (volleyball, bungee jumping, grilling on the barbecue…)
  • Glasses removal needs TWO hands. Unless you’re very agile, but in all cases, glasses should be kept parallel to your head.
  • Never put your glasses in your HAIR, in fact, never put them anywhere other than on your nose or in their case.
  • NEVER carry your glasses alongside blunt objects – other glasses, knives, screwdrivers, keys or bricks. (AGHH)
  • Avoid seawater, sand, nails, screws, acetone baths, cyanide, and all that crap.

Thank you. That is all. Perfectly reasonable requests, don’t you think?

Your glasses

Are your frames barely hanging on? Can you only count one arm?

Don’t worry, during these 2 weeks, we’ve got you too, just like any other day:

We’ll clean, or provide repairs and refurbishments on any glasses – from us or any flea market or thrift shop.

Our team is ready and waiting to chat with you about your grandmother’s vintage frames – whether they can be improved, or turned into sunnies or prescriptions for you.

We’ll also pass on our in-house tricks for how to maintain and clean your glasses,so you can keep your faves in tip top shape for the next hundred years. 


So swing by the store to get your Survival Kit, or get your glasses fixed, cleaned or update – you’re always welcome, friday, or any other day. 

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