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Visions etc.

The Jewellery Design Department of Antwerp’s Academy of Fine Arts questioned the concept of vision and took us on board.

Far from confining in stable orbits, objects of vision aspire to evolve beyond. Design and upcycling are coming out of their perpetual elds to mutate over time ; raw materials and spare parts are mixed to new elements in a deep hybrid research. Through the project VISION ETC. the Jewellery Design, Gold and Silversmithing Department of the Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp questioned the concept of vision through glasses’ designs and spare parts tracked down by us all around Europe. The collaboration resulted in a 3-day exhibition at our shop, the opening night showcasing the designs through a series of performances around vision and it’s different aspects.

Designers who took part in the project : Adelina Ilinca Cioanca, Anna Robertson, Arne Van de Mierop, Bii Youzhi, Cheng Shenglin, Emma Gregory, Eva Hofko, Gaelle Van Durme, Gille Peeters, Hanne Schonkeren, Helia Jafarzadeh, Hu XinYuan, Huang Hsuan Chun, Jade Houben, Jesper Kollau, Julia Garcia Rubio, Katla Karlsdottir, Laura Nierinck, Lena D’hoore, Lisa Van Camp, Lyu Zijun, Maria Gulavskaya, Miia Kota, Nina Faivre, Olha Timkova, Rafael Gheorghe, Rungfa Jantanarat, Shitika Agrawal, Sophia de Groot, Suzan Faili, Valerie Naumova, Valeriya Treyger, Via Stessens, Ye Weng, Yu Eun Shin, Yu Fujiwara, Yuyong Choi, Zeyun Chen

Photography by Victor Pattyn.

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